A huge lot of musical mercenaries congregate at the Premier Lodge, whilst Chris Abbott co-ordinates when we will hit the DNA Club and hit it hard!
  Pete Connolly ramps up the equipment in readiness for the night's proceedings, whilst Jeff sorts out his light show and stares at Flossie the sheep.
  Ben Daglish in a T-shirt designed to let everyone how to spell his name properly (sadly hard to read!): "When I grow up I want to be Benn Der-ah-ger-lish"!
  David Whittaker and Fred Gray pose for pictures, looking like they have already had a few down them (well we know Dave did by the end!)...
  ... whilst Tony Crowther and Jeff Minter have seemingly only gotten started with alcohol ingestion for the night... better keep those digits loose for your light show Jeff!
  Iain Black and Mort from the Zzap!64 website... sitting around, watching the Yak talk, having a Bud... true!
  Kenz parades around in a fashion only he can do, wearing that rather (now) famous retro jumper knitted for him long ago.
  Hey, it's a picture of me, shock horror. And who is this standing next to me with a big grin on his face? It can only be Gary Liddon!
  The one, the only, the legend... Rob Hubbard. Surrounded by a mass of his adoring supporters all wanting to know if he's about to launch a comeback into the SID scene.
  Ah, who's this? None other than Martin Galway, taken from a funny angle now. Out with the slight twang before, in with the quite obvious Texan accent. But we still love him anyways!
  Gary Liddon and Nick "Orlando" Pelling who worked on many games together, some (Ricochet) that were released and others (Tyger Tyger) that weren't.
  Kenz shows he is having a good time, now displaying the lovely Bouff T-shirt for everyone to see...
  Well, when you haven't got anything on you for the celebs to sign, what else could you possibly use instead?!
  James Burrows from the Gamebase 64 team gets caught out in a drunken game of musical statues... well you try making up captions for these pictures now!
  LaLa checks his watch and tries to figure out what the time is currently back over in Chicago. Yes, it was getting late by now and everyone was suitably boozed up...