First person I run across when entering the club is SIR86, creator of so many C64 loading screens and wearer of a rather natty Firebird T-shirt.
  At very short notice (ie. almost that day), Widdy (from the Lemon64 board) decides to come over and pay us a visit. According to him, this'll be the first photo taken without a pint in his hand!
  Only Kenz...!
  Robert Bernardo from the Commodore One group in California, stops off during his tour of Europe. Not the most appropriate of attire for the eventual conditions however!
  Shark, the original creator of the HVSC project (before Waz took over), chats to Robert.
  Paul Chapman in a Ben Daglish moment from last year...
  Meanwhile the real man himself gets on with comparing the live music taking place on stage.
  Press Play On Tape really shake the place with an electric set including classics such as Delta, Monty on the Run, Crazy Comets, Flimbo's Quest and Rambo.
  No... surely it can't be possible? Monty on the Run performance in shock actual violin non-screwup at the end moment?! Praise be that man. Rapturous applause did follow...
  After previously coming on to play Krakout, Ben finds that the keyboard for Auf Wiedersehen Monty has gone AWOL. Cue improvisation!
  Magical Sound Shower from Outrun with guest vocals from Heidi.
  Once again I manage to catch the weird side of Jon Hare. This was just after he'd seen the Wizball tribute film playing on the TVs.