Despite a lack of machines to play on, all the C64s had much play during the afternoon. IK+ 3 player went down very well!
  A selection of machines on the Commodore Scene stall. Thanks for the extra gear guys!
  Lots and lots of CDs for sale on the C64Audio stand.
  This guy used to host and run the Arnold C64 FTP portal for 4 years you know!
  Martin Galway's 128D and source discs... so close to perfection.
  Mat Cannon and Barry Leitch pose for the camera.
  Martin Galway himself gets accosted approximately 0.23 nanoseconds after arriving...
  ... whilst Rob Hubbard almost makes it in unnoticed. Sorry Rob *click*!
  Simon Nicol chats about getting screwed by Martech (what's new there?!) and talking about his AI voice project.
  Ben, Simon and Frank Gasking laugh about something unaudiable!
  All the celebs (well almost) pose for the camera, Jason Page gets cut off on the side!
  Just the composers this time.
  Richard Joseph signs autographs for an adoring fan.
  Paul Kubiszyn (of StudioX64 fame) slips in under the radar... good talking to you mate.
  Chris Abbott demonstrates his pet project, a guitar cum piano with added SID!
  Richard Leinfellner, programmer of Barbarian and Sacred Armour of Antiriad... and Evil Dead heh.