UK Name US Name
3D Pool Maltese Joe's 3D Pool Challenge
Action Force GI Joe
Alleykat Demolition Mission
Alternative World Games Sports-a-roni
Aqua Racer GP F1 Nautica
Arac Spiderbot
Asterix Ardok the Barbarian
Barbarian 1 (Palace) Deathsword
Barbarian 2 Axe of Rage
Buggy Boy Speed Buggy
Combat School Boot Camp
Crazy Cars 2 F40 Pursuit
Delta Delta Patrol
Dragon Ninja Bad Dudes
Driller Space Station Oblivion
Eddie Edward's Super Ski Downhill Challenge
Fighting Warrior Kung Fu: Sticks of Death
Flash Gordon Captain Zapp
Flying Shark Sky Shark
Galivan Hero 2020
Go for the Gold HES Games
Green Beret Rush 'n Attack
Gryzor Contra
Hustler Minnesota Fat's Pool Challenge
Inside Outing Devon Aire
International Karate World Karate Championship
International Karate + Chop 'n Drop Karate
IQ Worms?
Matrix Attack of the Mutant Camels
Microprose Soccer Keith van Eron's Pro Soccer
Milk Race Ten Speed
Nebulus Tower Toppler
Pipemania Pipe Dream
Powerboat USA Heatwave
Quedex Mindroll
Rock 'n Wrestle Bop 'n Wrestle
Sacred Armour of Antiriad Rad Warrior
Scalectrix Slot Car Racer
Scarabaeus Invaders of the Lost Tomb
Skate Wars Skate Ball
Slap Fight Alcon
Snap Dragon Karate Chop
Starray Revenge of Defender
Street Hassle Bop 'n Rumble
Stunt Car Racer Stunt Track Racer
Summer Olympiad Summer Challenge
Super Sunday Superbowl Sunday
Supremacy Overlord
Terramex Cosmic Relief
The Sentinel The Sentry
Thing Bounces Back Coil Cop
Time to Die Borrowed Time
Vietnam Nam
Way of the Exploding Fist Kung Fu: Way of the Exploding Fist
Winter Olympiad 88 Winter Challenge
Wizardry Spell of Destruction
World Series Baseball The Slugger
Z Z-pilot