C64 WANTS LIST (mayhem@mayhem64.co.uk). Original if possible please...


Chalkboard Powerpad


Game Name Company State wanted
Adventure Maker Spinnaker Complete
Alien Sidestep Mr Computer Products Box/manual
Arnie Armchair's Howzat cricket Arnie Armchair Box
Aspar GP Master Dinamic Box/manual
Bearjam Chalkboard Manual
Billiards Commodore MAX Any
Bowling Commodore MAX Box/manual
Bug Crusher Mr Computer Products Box/manual
Changes Tigervision Any
Der Rechenlowe Fit in Mathematik (Schuljahr 1) Commodore Manual
Frogger Atarisoft Any
Frogger Sega Any
Gorf Commodore MAX Any
Harold Hardtand Silverrock Any
Hook Ocean Any
In the Chips Creative Any
Jupiter Lander 64 Handic Any
Kids on Keys Learning Tree Complete
Laser Cycles TSI Box/manual
Last Ninja 3 System 3 Any
Lunar Outpost Epyx Any
Mario's Brewery Mr Computer Products Box/manual
Maze Man (normal and Turbo) TSI Box/manual
Motor Mania Romox Box/manual
Muistio 64 Handic Box
Pals Around Town Hi-Tech Expression Any
Princess and the Frog Romox Box/manual
Puzzle Panic Epyx Any
Rocky's Boots Learning Company Any
Ski/Skier/Skiing Commodore MAX Any
Space Action Handic Box/manual
Space Journey Roklan Any
Sword of Fargoal Epyx Any
The Fourth Sarcophagus Handic Box/manual
The Mutant Spiders Handic Box/manual
Turbocharge System 3 Any
Tyler's Dungeons TSI Box
Ultrex Quadro Maze TSI Box/manual
Vendetta System 3 Any
Wrath of the Demon Readysoft Any

Anything interesting and possibly rare, such as prototypes, HES Australia and MAX machine carts. Boxed cart games always wanted, most things considered.

Murder (US Gold)
Twin Terrors


Rechtschreiblowe lesson tapes (or disks)

Any format

Bee 52 (Codemasters)
Chuck Rock (Core)
Daffy Duck (Hi-Tec)
Donkey Kong Junior (Atari)
Joust (Atari)
Mario Brothers (Atari)
Stargate (Atari)
Typo Attack (Atari)
Vanguard (Atari)
Viduzzles add-on picture tapes/disks