The woman herself, my other half Kristine.

What a female geek's bed looks like from time to time.

Getting to meet Paul Normal (Forbidden Forest, Super Huey etc) before the Alumni dinner.

And getting to sit next to David Crane (countless titles!) during it :)

Bob Smith gets a special award due to writing Riddle of the Sphinx.

Great SID based music during the show, but terrible spelling :p

The arcade machines were in full use during the 2 days.

The stand was also quite busy.

Good Deals to be had.

A complete Adventurevision set, well within everyone's budget! :p

Special NES carts including the World Championship series.

A fistful of tabletops.


Warlords artwork, programmer Jim Huether was in the armour as we later found out.

The new C1 motherboard was shown off to the world. Not stolen from the car this time!

And the woman responsible, Jeri Elsworth.

Old favourites in use.

Jim Huether (SkyDiver 2600) and Bob Polaro (Defender 2600) discuss old times.

Rob Zdybel (Star Trek 2600, Warbirds Lynx) and Bob Smith (Dragonfire) at the presentation.

Kristine and our little friend Jaime snuggle up for the camera.

Ed Rotberg (Battlezone) and Tim Skelly (Star Castle) laugh about vector rivalries in the early 80s.

Warren Davis (Q*bert) is frank about just how lucky some of the ideas for the game came about.

Frank Lanzinger (Crystal Castles) was very easy to approach and talk about anything during the show.

Steve Cartwright (Megamania 2600, Hacker C64) had a number of interesting stories divergent to the main Activision bodies.

Gary Kitchen (Pressure Cooker 2600, Gamemaker C64) and David Crane were full of tales about corporate launch parties.

While the machines were still in full use...

The man himself, the founder of Atari and one of the reasons we're all playing games, Mr Nolan Bushnell was getting blinded by flash photos.

Lacking a real machine to lug to the convention, one person gets by having Nolan sign this instead.