Yeah, wadda you want? My friend Kris prepares for the trip to San Jose.

What Kris managed to spend all her money on the day before we leave for San Jose!

There's always room for Jag stuff at CGE.

Keith Robinson takes a peek to see if anyone is buying anything at the Intellivision stand.

It's Computer Space. And yes it was working and you could play on it.

Original Pong. Not much more to be said.

Larry gets a bit blinded by flash at the Digital Press stall. First call, that Advance Guide!

Seventh sign of the Apocalypse: women buying AND selling at a computer show?!

Demo of Bristles, the new game released for the Atari 5200.

Packrat had a wide range of stuff to buy and play at their stall... and the staff were friendly too!

Lee Krueger wonders at the NWCGE stand whether they brought enough replica Coke cans for the Coke Wins repro promotion.

Midway had 6 massive TVs setup playing Arcade Treasures 2 during the show; if you were lucky, you could also get a free copy of MAT1 from the lovelies behind them.

Ominously looming in the previous shot, Gradius V is definitely best played on as large a viewing device as possible!

Sculpted art thingummy-a-doobries!

It wasn't all console related, Robert Bernardo keeps the Commodore end up.

And a picture of the birthday cake (sadly slightly damaged in transit) to be present to Jeri Elsworth at the show.

T-shirts a go-go: I went to New Mexico and all I got was this lousy ET cartridge - then I fell in a pit!

One of the organisers John Hardie (centre) has a laugh with Dennis Koble (left - Atlantis, NiteStalker) and Ed Rotberg (Battlezone, STUN Runner)

This year, the museum had a LOT more room to stretch out and be filled with wonderous rare and interesting items.

The rather intriguing Atari Video Music hardware and tapes.

A variety of rarities plus something from myself in the upper right corner...

To be this good took Activision. Or maybe if your name is Todd Rogers.

Commodores on display.

What Nintendo first did in the home entertainment field.

Virtual Boy and a pretty much complete set of games.

You're not going to see these boxes around very much.

Show organiser Joe Santulli (left) takes a well earned break from proceedings.

Spokesmodel Janice gets caught in the act of badge hunting.

Whilst the selection of arcade machines wasn't as good as previous years...

...they were all still intently played all day.

8 bit Weapon were on hand most of the day to provide musical entertainment.

Paul Allan Newell (Vectrex Scramble and CubeQuest) tries to hide behind some balloons!

Alan Miller (2600 Star Master, Robot Tank) recounts some of the early days at Activision.

Larry Kaplan (Kaboom) poses for the camera.

Bob Whitehead (2600 Chopper Command, C64 Hardball) gets down to signing autographs.

Okay, who took that? You? Get to the back of the line! Dan Kitchen organises an impromptu group shoot.

Ray Kassar (ex-head of Atari) was once misquoted as calling his programmers "a group of highstrung primadonas". This was their response at the time to this!

Tod Frye (2600 Pacman) managed to sneak in almost unnoticed to the show.

Ex-Atari coin-op programmers suddenly discover the meaning of life! Owen Rubin (left - Space Duel) is actually looking at a huge design folder from the Sente days.

Ed Logg (Centipede, Gauntlet, Xybots) sports a natty backpack assembly.

This beanbag filled area was popular for the entire length of the show.

The woman herself Jeri Elsworth, inspecting her handiwork and getting it to boot.

Don't worry folks, it's almost ready!

Howard Scott Warshaw (2600 ET, Yar's Revenge) signs more copies of his DVD.

Raiden isn't playing Raiden sadly, or Mortal Kombat for that matter.

Kris poses with Jamie Fenton (Gorf) who was dancing up a storm during the afternoon.

StickChick from 8 bit Weapon gives her thumbs up to the latest CD.

Janice models the portable Playstation from the charity auction held.

The special guest himself, Steve Wozniak, chats about Apple before his talk.

The Woz talking up a storm in the auditorium; sadly questions about Breakout were off the menu!