Five seconds after turning up, I look behind me and who is there? Matthew Smith! I sense a photo-op already... oh and hi Kenz!

Our setup for the Gamebase64 stall starts off with Impossible Mission and Tempest2000.

Kenz and Natalie pose for the camera as they are want to do.

Retrogamer, Retrogamer everywhere... you think they'd like you to buy an issue?

Don't worry son, you'll become Elite one day...

Icon of the 80s. Strangely enough featuring in more C64 games than Spectrum.

There's nearly always a demand for Atari gear anywhere you go.

It's summer, it's Outrun on the Saturn.

Now hand it over before you break it sir... my mate Keith does the selling gig as usual.

One member of Retrokade contemplates life, the universe and Defender.

The machines themselves were on freeplay and pretty much in constant use all the time.

UKretro has a bizarre array of different format and games strewn about the tables.

Look, it's ROB. Go, ROB, go!

A lot of games. All one seller. How big was the transport?!

Milo Mundt presides over the Protovision stand. Great to see the Germans over for this. Pity I didn't get to see more of Metal Dust.

Retrogamer demonstrating the work of Megatree that did actually exist.

Matthew Smith in full flow during one of his Q&A sessions.

Carl Muller (programmer of TMHT and Speedball 2 for C64) poses for the camera.

As does Andrew Oliver after one of his chat sessions.

It wasn't all games at the show. Some relics of a generation past on display.

And some more old relics to fiddle with, including many BBC Micros!