Andrew Fisher (Merman) is oblivious to the looming danger that Frank Gasking spots.

Llamasoftie crew of Markie, PVB and Browney.

Retrogaming rocks!

Walter Day and myself catch up, invoke the mutual US/UK respect and diss the French.

I will now attempt to lift this can using the power of my mind.

New old games, sir?

Cronosoft's new wares on sale.

Percussive maintenance in action.

Ooo you wanna buy that now, as Keith Ainsworth strikes a pose.

The Hunchback II artwork brought along for display, one of numerous pieces Keith owns from Bob Wakelin.

Dirty postcards, sir?

Metal Dust in action on the C64 (and it stayed up this time!).

Chris Abbott does the CD selling thing once more.

Man Goes Down for woman.

Berzerk Arena, two player linked Vectrex machines... hold on, it can only mean...

...that Alex Herbert (and his lovely other half) have made a surprise appearance at the show. Lots of people came up during the day to thank him for Protector!

Archer Maclean talks turkey about Mercury.

Nick Hutt, new owner of the Space Harrier record. Is the shimmering caused by his new found godly status?

And the score in question on the machine in question.

Playing Joust so fast, everything's a blur.

At a slightly slower pace, Doris Self gets in some hardcore Q*Bert practice.


Billy Mitchell explains how he used to copy Pacman, but he's been cured now.

Perry Rodgers, the previous Galaxian record holder. Gary sadly couldn't make it due to illness, would be interesting seeing them head-to-head.

This picture will remain captionless. Make up your own.

What you get for spending almost three hours playing Pacman.

One of these gamers does not belong here, one of these gamers is not the same, can you guess which gamer does not belong here, now it's time to play our game...

War, what is it good for? Videogames!

Rolling over the score on Donkey Kong.

And ditto with Galaga (and that was just five lives, no extras!).

Bog's expression is almost one of a man who has his balls in a fix.

Presentation for the people who came up trumps performance wise on the day.