The view out of the window looking over the town. Funky rooftop ornaments!

Including the nipple dome.

The meet gets off to a brisk start with frantic trading and buying.

The Brits get "relegated" to the ghetto of the outside :p

Simon Quernhorst, programmer extraordinaire for the 2600, and his lovely girlfriend.

Go on, buy me phone, you know you want to says Sandy.

Games, games everywhere and not a drop to drink...

Mario Kart isn't that surprising... is it?!

Jon Legg has a go at the weird skiing game on the Nintendo Vs console.

Keith Ainsworth and Jon chill out against the dedicated 2600 stand.

Someone had to win Mario Kart however...

Rez looking lovely on the projection screen.

Chilling out with beers at the bar.

Back to big screen Bomberman action.

Roloff hasn't just kicked Marco in the nuts for his last proto, but you might think so...

Shake those funky maracas to the Samba beat.

The group photo with Globetrotter cartridge in tow.

You gotta lick it, before we kick it...

Flashpoint, the rather natty Odyssey/Videopac release rather like Robotron.

Roloff models the funky Activision stand during the auction.

Okay, can I finally put these bloody things down?!

Roloff causes a flashpoint during the auction.

Images of the proto holograms from the Atari Cosmos. One use for a flash on a camera to illuminate Asteroids.

Or Superman depending on your tastes.

The Vectrex 3D imager drew people in to give it a whirl.

Someone also had to win Bomberman in the end...

Okay... now what do I do with them?

Which wheel is which? As everyone packs up and drives off from another successful show.