The banner hanging outside the exhibition. Rather hard to miss, huh?

Ms Pacman on a giant projection screen.

It's Computer Space once again! And sadly not on again (mainly due to fragility)

Original Pong machine and being played on a projector.

Rubber keys ahoy. Sinclair machines get a viewing in the US.

Not THE original sadly, but one of the few replicas of the Brown Box.

Yes it is Manic Miner... sadly the photo grab is obscured by the monitor refresh.

Needless to say with this being on way past the Barbican, the range of games is different...

...and because this is America where some stuff just wouldn't go down as well!

Golden Tee games throughout the years.

More concept art from the original Tomb Raider.

Actual cells produced for use in the Dragon's Lair arcade.

Concept art and drawings for Dragon's Lair.

The Poly-whatsitsname arcade machine from East Germany.

Kris has a go at Densha-da-go and managed to crash her own train!

Steel Battalion for the Xbox on the big screen.

Woah here it comes, it's a Maneater!

Discs of Tron, but the standard non-environmental version of it.

Kris plays sit-down Star Wars. I'm sure the cockpit was bigger. I suppose we were smaller when we were younger!

A variety of stuff from handheld type devices etc.

More stuff including proto VR helmet and Power Glove.

Kris tries DDR. Asks me to play. The machine crashes. Typical. We leave. Hopefully return for free next time perhaps!