It is one thing to merely pick up your favourite magazine from the shop shelf, hand over your money and then read it when you get home. It is another to actually contribute items, letters and other assorted stuff to make yourself part of a particular issue. I'm sure many of you out there have thought of that, but only some actually got around to doing anything about it. I was one of those people. Below are a few scans of items to do with my contributions.

I will try and include more items in here if I find them or remember what else I actually sent in!

The slip from Zzap!64 signed by Robin Hogg for some tips that I had contributed, Crackdown I think.

And here is the Crackdown guide printed in Zzap!64 issue 64.

Creatures 2 guide printed in Zzap!64 issues 88, 89 and 90 (the last three). Admitedly I did have a slight headstart because I got the game through my reviewing with Oracle Teletext and had it to play several weeks before anyone else!

A Commodore Show feature from the February 1987 issue of CCI. Wonder who that is with the joystick in picture 1?!

Working on Zzap!64 issue #107 was always an honour, with a feature and 2 reviews to my name. You can grab the hard to find hi-res PDF of the issue from this site now!