Hello and welcome to my webpage! I hope you enjoy what you find here, albeit the place really, REALLY could do with a makeover. One that takes it away from early 2000s design! Some of you may not have been born when this was first made, scary. To begin with it was a site about me in general, and was transformed into a site about the best computer ever the world has seen, the Commodore 64. You can go and browse all the stuff to do with the machine from the links now nicely laid out on the left hand side of the screen.

Anyhow, here are the facts as I am laying them down. My name is Mat Allen, known to most people around the community as either Mayhem or MayhemUK, and at this moment in time I am *cough* too old, with a one year old daughter. Currently working for a fleet tracking company making sure people drive correctly. Or not. It's fun and in Soviet Leatherhead, bugs find me.

Perhaps over time my HTML skills will get better huh?! The site may look a little basic compared to some others but I don't have design packages to use and I'm coding in raw language here! Ancient? Maybe, but it's fun. Still needs that redesign. I said I would eventually switch it over to CCS and DIVs, maybe it will happen by 2020 heh. Ooops, it's that year now.

So that still leaves the question of how I got to be a small part of the great C64 existence. For that I actually have my parents to thank now. Due to the console crash of late 83, they decided to sell off the Atari 2600 that we had and bought a second-hand C64 from one of dad's work colleagues. Along with a few games of course. So that's how it started way back in March 84. The first ever game I played on the "new" computer was Ghostbusters, with others such as Cuthbert in the Jungle, Classic Adventure, The Hobbit, Manic Miner and Matrix soon to follow. Suddenly a whole new world of graphics and sound lay before me. Sadly that first C64 computer expired several years ago (not before having several homemade repairs done on it), but has been replaced by many others in the collection. Due to being a poor kid, I didn't actually acquire a disk drive until 1991, near the end of the C64's life. However I've been making up for it since by filling in a lot of the back catalogue courtesy of second-hand shops, sales lists and that ubiquitous favourite eBay. All I have to do now is figure out where it all will be stored!

Well that's all from me for now, thanks for touring Monsterland. Come back soon because they'll be more to see later!

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Created October 17, 1996
Last modified January 16, 2020