Retrogamer the fanzine was created in the late part of 1995 by Keith Ainsworth. Despite the number of retro fanzines that are currently available, this was one of the first to be created. To begin with much of it was his own work. But after favourable reviews of the initial issue in Superplay and NMS, I wrote in for a copy and have stayed on ever since. Go check out the website to find out more about the fanzine in general, browse some articles and have a look at some of Keith's collection. There have been a lot of articles published on a whole manner of subjects to date. The consoles of Atari, Intellivision and Colecovision have been scrutinised, along with the Vectrex. Certain classic games have been highlighted. Well known programmers have been profiled. Plus there is the odd bit of humour thrown in for good measure, such as the "video game families" and "move that Pacman machine".

After Oracle lost their teletext franchise at the end of 1992, I thought my writing days would be restricted again. However the fanzine has given me a chance to exercise my fingers once again to bring forth knowledge to those who had none. Aside from Keith, I have been the most consistent contributor so far. Aside from kudos, this does also allow me "privileges" and "concessions" in deals and the such like! I still enjoy it, though until you have tried it yourself, you don't know how hard it can be to put an article together, especially one that stretches over more than one issue. Sadly due to other projects and the fact he thinks he has taken it as far as he can, Keith has decided to end production of the fanzine at issue #28. However if there is any general subject you wish to find out more about, check the website and order some back issues!

Here are most of the general articles I have written for the fanzine provided for you in various forms. Enjoy!

BallArcher Maclean - Dropzone and IK+ (issue #5).

BallApex Software - The Rowland brothers, programmers extraordinare for the C64 (issue #6).

BallJeff Minter - Or Llamasoft, still going strong (issues #7 and #8).

BallSensible Software - Totally bonkers software team (issue #14).

BallSpace Rogue - A diatribe on one of my favourite C64 disc games (issue #19).

BallActivision - From console to computer publishers (issues #21 and #22).

BallChris Butler - Arcade converter for the C64 (issue #26).

BallImpossible Mission - Information about the classic game and its sequel (issue #28).