Out of 12,000 plus games that have been released for the Commodore 64 in its 20 year lifespan, only some 300 odd were published in cartridge format. Which makes the task of collecting this little set of releases a little more realistic, if still rather impossible to achieve. The C64 is also rather unique in that it has two eras of releases: 1982-85 and 1990-92. With the 16k limit of the first era, games had to be compact and tight, but still could be made playable through good gameplay. With the advent of better technology and the release of the C64GS console, bigger cartridges were possible, extending up to 512k in some cases.

As with any system, there is a lot of flossam to get through before hitting the real gems hidden beneath. Here below is my personal list of the best 10 cartridges you can find for the C64 along with a mini-review of each to help you decide.

Battle Command
Diamond Mine
Dragons Den
Last Ninja Remix
Moon Patrol
Navy Seals
Wizard of Wor