This page is starting to get bigger and bigger here now, as more things get added. Hopefully even more of the wonders of the C64 will be added as time progresses. Needless to say the machine took up a lot of my time in the past, and still enjoys the occasional whirl nowadays. And there is always the retro collecting aspect to it. So click on the links, have a look and see what there is out there.

Haves and Wants list for the C64 currently. Looking for many items for the C64, but the wants list details those I would especially like to get hold of. Open to most offers for buying, selling or trading, even from foreign people. Email me if there's an offer to be done. Prices are negotiable as always, as well as part trades.

C64 Games Collection - My own personal collection, in Excel format for you to browse over.

The real Wizball and Parallax artwork bought from Bob Wakelin (warning - BIG pictures).

UK/US names list - A list of games whose names are different here and on the other side of the Atlantic. There are many more out there to document, so if you know of any not on the list, please send me a mail to let me know what they are.

Photos of the collection - To give you some idea of the huge amount of items I have obtained over the years.

Tour of the room - Have a look to see how it is possible to cram 1,000 original games in one room.